Faint Alarm

Jane performed almost all the parts on this new EP, following no particular school but her own talents and limitations. Embedded are her history, her fantasy, her realization, and her future; a warning, a flourish, a reminder, an echo:  Faint Alarm

This is edgy electronic futuristic rock. Some of it is in your face, some of it is in your head, and all of it is in your heart! The deeper you go, the deeper you’ll get. You Wanna Go Down? This is Jane Fontana.


Jane Fontana

Jane Fontana presents a hybrid of restrained electronica and extroverted rock. The themes seem mysterious, but must be sex and love and the longing that comes before, during and after. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know she really wishes you would.

Jane Fontana - Jane Fontana