In Situ

In Situ, by Jane Fontana
Photo and Artwork by Mark Fitzsimmons

In Situ (in place) contains songs I completed while observing the “Stay at Home” order during the pandemic. To manage this, I either created or played all the instruments myself, used previously recorded tracks, or used other musicians who performed “remotely.” To accomplish remote performances, I sent the musicians semi-completed music files. The musicians performed and recorded their part or parts and sent the files back to me. I edited them, then sent the completed tracks to the incomparable Sven Martin for mixing and mastering (thanks, Sven!). Half of the musicians I used for remote recordings were utter strangers! One sent me his tracks all the way from Croatia!

Even though I was alone while doing this (except for the great company and support from Mark Fitzsimmons, who also took the photo and did the graphics), I couldn’t have accomplished it without the help of the following musicians:

Torbjorn Andersson, Manny Aguirre, Randy Cooke, Cody Farwell, Pelle Hillstrom,
Yogi Lonich, Fernando Perdomo, and Blair Sinta.

Thanks, guys!

Music was one of the graces that gave me hope during the shut down. I hope you find some grace and hope while you listen.

Faint Alarm

Jane performed almost all the parts on this new EP, following no particular school but her own talents and limitations.
Embedded are her history, her fantasy, her realization, and her future; a warning, a flourish, a reminder, an echo: Faint Alarm

Faint Alarm CD Cover Art
Photo by Johanna Turner. Artwork by Eric Tolladay.

Jane Fontana

This is edgy electronic futuristic rock. Some of it is in your face, some of it is in your head, and all of it is in your heart!
The deeper you go, the deeper you’ll get. You Wanna Go Down? This is Jane Fontana.

Jane Fontana, CD Cover Art
Photo by Al Razutis. Artwork by Eric Tolladay.